Party Inflatables

Pillow Bash

13ft x 15ft

Suitable to 14 years

£65.00 per day

Mega Twister

18ft x 18ft

Comes with giant spinner

Suitable for any age

£80.00 per day

Velcro Fly Wall

Super sticky fly wall

Come with 3 different sized suits

Suitable to adults

£90.00 per day

Goal and Bounce

20ft x 20ft

Large bounce area with goal to rear

Comes supplied with footballs

Suitable up to adults

£120.00 per day

Assault Course

40ft x 12ft

3 sections - Hoop, biff bash and cargo net with slide

Suitable up to 16 years

£125.00 per day

Mega Slide

26ft tall, 18ft wide, 26ft long, 19ft platform

Cargo rope up one side, slide down the other

Suitable up to 16 years

£225.00 per day (events negotiable)